Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Walter's Wine Bar

Southgate, Southbank, Melbourne

A reunion with old friends back from Blighty saw us convene at Walter's, the venerable old reliable on Southbank. A bottle of red on the balcony bathed in the heat of the heat lamps was a great start to the evening, as was the gossip and reminiscing with Robyn and Chris.

Dinner was warm and comforting - starting with a big bowl of onion soup. A beetroot prawn and chorizo risotto was divine, as was Orlando's seafood pie. An amusing mistake was the jug of pepper sauce (as in what you put on your steak) that Orlando got when he looked for pepper (chilli) sauce. It didn't stop him using it on the seafood pie...

Service unobtrusive and excellent. Food about the same. What a lovely night.

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