Wednesday, October 06, 2010

mmmm pizza

Late home from work, I rustle up a quick home-made pizza in less time than it takes to order from Pizza Hut.

Half a garlic Afghan bread, a squirt of pizza sauce, a few chopped-up mushrooms pan-fried to dry them out a little, quarter of an onion finely chopped and barely sweated in the pan, one green chilli and one tomato, a good handful of Weight Watchers grated cheese and a generous swirl of Ischian herbs from the Bay of Naples.

Into the oven, out 15 minutes later, Bob's your uncle. The perfect comfort food, and all for less than 6 Weight Watchers points (if that means anything to you).
A glass of Rutherglen durif and House on the TV, and that's a perfect Wednesday evening for me.


GlassHeartYah said...

.... what on Earth are Ischian herbs?
Looks tasty though :)

Mairead said...

Herbs from Ischia :-)

It's a little island off the coast of Naples. Like mixed herbs, heavy on the oregano and basil, and a good dash of dried cilli flakes.